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Winter Ethno Estonia will come again for the fourth time already!!! Let's hope that there will be a lot of snow and people so our adventure would be warm and wintery! :) 

The camp will take place on 27.01-04.02.2023 at Võrumaa, Kiidi Tourist Farm. This is a scenic place where we can spend a lot of time outside, in the sauna, playing music, dancing and lots of other exciting things. The amazing artistic leaders of this camp will be Kärt Tambet and Tommie Black-Roff! 

As appropriate to Ethno there will also be a concert or even many :) 

This Ethno is also special because the participants can show their cooking skills. The camp will be small, maximum 25 participants, where we eat the participants' local foods every day. So get ready with your instruments, towels, warm clothes and recipe books! 






Kärt is a young musician from Viljandi, Estonia, who mostly expresses herself through violin and singing. She crew up surrounded by traditional and folk music, but the deeper connection was born when she participated in her first Ethno Estonia, followed by, of course, the second and the third one, and eventually various Ethno projects at home as well as in places like Bulgaria, Brazil and the US. Kärt’s biggest passion is learning about musical traditions of different people and places, and creating her own sonic expression through these exposures. For that reason she earned a degree in Global Music from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to performing on stage, Kärt is an occasional host of radio shows, plays DJ sets at parties, and teaches in various projects and camps.




Tommie is a musician and composer who grew up in Cornwall in the far south west of the UK.From a young age was immersed in local Cornish folk, classical and church music, settling on the accordion and piano as his main instruments. After a brief stint as an Ethnomusicologist, in 2017 he moved to the Nordic Countries as part of the NoFo group Farandi. Here Tommie delved into Swedish and Finnish folk music, while also branching into improvisation, dance and electronics. A passionate pedagogue, he also leads Crean Folk Camp in his native Cornwall each summer. He is active with the bands TEYR, Ville & Tommie and Värivarjo.




We will be at the Tourist Farm where we sleep in beds. 

We will cook by ourselves, the main chef will be the organizer and head of the camp Margit and co-chefs will be the participants. Every day we can cook by the recipe of one of the participants and eat his/her local food. For this to go smoothly we ask you to already write in the registration form if your food would be good for breakfast/lunch or dinner, is it a strong savory dish or rather a desert.



Just in case we also remind you that February in Estonia can be around 0 til -25°C and there (probably) will be snow. We'll see what this year brings us. Anyway - the house will be warm!

The Tourist Farm page: https://www.kiidi.ee/et/



The camp will take place in Southern Estonia which is about 3-hour drive from the closest Airport in Tallinn. So that everyone would find the right place we meet in Viljandi! To make your plans for transportation - we will meet in Viljandi Traditional Music Centre (Tasuja pst 6) on the 27th January at 10:00-11:00. Our biggest wish is that you won't leave the camp before 4th February. We will arrive back to Viljandi around 15:00 on 4th February where everyone can part their ways where needed.



There are 25 spots for participants. We welcome musicians and singers in the age 18-30. 

The camp fee is 250 € (270€ for vegans and people with food allergies). 

Included in this: 

  • bus rides during camp
  • food during camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • accommodation during camp. If you arrive in Estonia on the 26th January and are in trouble with finding accommodation, let us know - we can help you! 

NB! The organisers will pick participants by instrumentation group sizes and the level of playing. We will let you know by the end of December whether you're accepted or not. Be sure to register and let us know about yourself! 

If you have any questions, please write us an e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


At the core of Ethno is its democratic, peer to peer learning approach whereby young people teach each other the music from their countries and cultures. It is a non-formal pedagogy that has been refined over the past 30 years, embracing the principles of intercultural dialogue and understanding. Ethno provides a unique opportunity for young people from across the globe to come together and engage through music in a manner that is characterized by respect, generosity and openness.

The goal of Ethno is to inspire musicians through these interactions to deepen their musical interests and to build a global network that supports their careers. Each Ethno camp combines workshops, jam sessions, rehearsals and performances that enable participants to develop both personal and professional skills. Through Ethno, musicians gain a greater understanding of each other’s cultures. At Ethno, music is a powerful tool that fosters inclusion, understanding and acceptance. 

The World's First ETHNO took place in Sweden Dalarna in 1990. Nowadays there are Ethno camps all over the world. The coordinator of Ethnos is Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) organisation, that Ethno Estonia is also a part of. More information about Ethno camps:  https://ethno.worldhttps://ethno.world.

ETHNO camps have been regularly held in Estonia since 1997. Back then, two traditional music students, Krista Sildoja and Tuulikki Bartosik, had the chance to participate at the ETHNO camp in Falun, Sweden. This experience gave them a desire to do something similar in Estonia as well. The first traditional music camp inspired by their ETHNO experience, took place in the same year in Viljandi, right before the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, where the youngsters ended the camp with a big concert. Since 2000, the camp is called ETHNO Estonia.

Estonian Traditional Music Center organizes ETHNO camps both for children and youngsters. Kids ETHNO is for children 10-16, and ETHNO Estonia for youngsters aged 16-30. In KidsEthno, the focus is mainly on traditional music, in ETHNO Estonia traditional tunes from many different countries are learned and played.

REGISTRATION in Mubazar here!

XXX Viljandi Folk Music Festival is looking for new design!

Viljandi Folk Music Festival will celebrate its 30th birthday in the summer of 2023 and seeks a new design for the upcoming festival. We invite all bright artists and designers to participate in the festival design competition! The entries are expected to reflect the theme of XXX Viljandi Folk Music Festival – “Let it resound!” (Kõlagu! in Estonian)

The deadline for entries is 13th November 2022. The winning prize is 2000 euros, the second and the third prize are both 500 euros. The winner has a chance to work as festival designer, if they wish to, and design different promotional materials.

 Participants must design an A2 poster with the following details (in Estonian)

  • Name of the festival (XXX Viljandi pärimusmuusika festival) 
  • Theme of the festival (Kõlagu!)
  • The date and time (27.–30. juuli 2023)
  • Official logos of the festival and Estonian Traditional Music Center
  • Website (viljandifolk.ee)

Download link for the symbols: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4a0msbt1ume0oyl/AACZ_tH6Ig9-LKpnoysqFRjga?dl=0

Please send a download link with the design in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The judging process is anonymous. The winning design will be selected by the festival team. By submitting an entry the applicant agrees that the festival may use the winning design in every way for the international promotion of the festival. The winner will also make an English version of the design.

About this year’s theme

Sing, sing, oh lips, so dear, 

move, oh bird-like tongue, so dear,

mull on your thoughts, oh berry spirit, so dear,

be joyous, oh heart, so dear!

When the most renowned folk music party in Estonia reaches the big Three-Oh, then it’s  only fitting that we take some time to pause and ponder. Today we don’t look back. Instead, we look around us, at the people and sounds that have once again come together, we rejoice with all our hearts and stride on, like a good engine. Because that’s what Viljandi Folk Music Festival undoubtedly is – an initiator and a mastermind, a supporter and a lab of new ideas, keeper of tradition and nourisher of soul. A 30-year-old is a fully fledged, competent and conscientious being, in every way.

In 2023, the Viljandi Folk Music focuses on the party itself. To start anew 30 times and  joyfully merge tradition, music and people into such a sublime union that the steam gained in Viljandi keeps you bright and breezy for the whole following year, until the end of next july… It has been a truly inspiring journey. And we carry on with the same passion and thirst for life, always eager to delight.

XXX Viljandi Folk Music Festival is dedicated to cheerful celebration, party traditions and hope for a brighter future.

We welcome dear old friends and new guests, fall happily under the spell of the music and stories they bring along, and celebrate the festival’s big birthday.

Let it resound!

You will surely be silent,

when you are beneath the black earth,

in between white boards,

in the middle of a pretty chest!

Lyrics translated by Harri Mürk

About Viljandi Folk Music Festival:

For the 30th time Viljandi Folk Music festival will bring thousands of people to Viljandi. Among them are young and old, visitors from far and near who want to enjoy live music and the summer festival buzz. Our festival values tradition, heritage and local identity and tries to adapt the spiritual values that people have developed over hundreds and thousands of years to the contemporary way of life. The aim is to keep our traditions alive, strengthen our national character and invigorate our musical mother tongue. It is important for us to organize a festival in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We care about the environment, our ecological footprint and social aspects of sustainability.

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