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Folk Music Harvest Party 2023
Tõnu Tubli in the Boiler Room • Folk Music Harvest Party

7. oktoober, 2023

Pärimusmuusika Ait


12 €

Tõnu Tubli in the Boiler Room - Tõnu Tubli, one of the finest drummers in Estonia, has played in countless bands during his dazzling career, but lately he has added solo concerts inspired by folk music to his repertoire. At the Folk Music Harvest Party, he will give an exclusive concert to present a new chapter of this project, where the sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments entwine Estonian traditional music with a fascinating world of rhythms. The legendary Boiler Room format is given an Estonian flavour and Tõnu will play both on the stage and among the crowd - so bring along your dancing shoes to end the party with a bang!

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