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Nano Stern - Tartu/Lodjakoda

8. aprill, 2023

Tartu Lodjakoda


  • 10 € early bird ticket (until March 1st)
  • 13 € regular ticket (from Mayrch 1st)
  • 15 € on concert day


'Nano Stern is the best Chilean singer-songwriter of his generation, with his lyrics, melodies, message, humor, and heart.'

Joan Baez, USA


Nano Stern is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter with strong roots in the traditional songbook of South America. His music approaches folk, rock, jazz, trova, and experimental sounds from a contemporary perspective. The Chilean artist is currently presenting his latest album “Aún creo en la Belleza” (“I still believe in beauty”), which is his 9th studio record.

His musical virtuosity, mesmerizing and charismatic live performances and passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message that’s delivered with intense energy, youthful passion, and exquisite musicality, dwelling deeply on tradition whilst being contemporary too.

Nano Stern began his musical life at the age of 3 while picking up the violin. From then on he has constantly been on a lifelong exploration of the many paths of sound, picking up many instruments and becoming fluid across many musical languages. He now stands out as one of the most influential Chilean musicians and the potency of his performances, albums, instrumental technique, poetic voice, and social activism are widely acknowledged.

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