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Anoise - Out in the Garden, Under the Stairs (CD)

Hind 11 €
Aasta 2003
Kestus 50'16''
Laos 9
Lisa korvi

Harry Bent - laul, bodhran / vocals, bodhran
Dave Murphy - laul, flööt, vilepillid, ribid / whistle, vocals, flute
J.P. Kallio - kitarr, bouzouki, laul / guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Derek (Monty) Mooney - 2-realine lõõts, laul / 2-row button accordion

This is the product of getting together in a city garden on one weekend to play our music without trying to be stylish or modern it's just the way we play our tunes, feeling being more important than perfection...
This is just a record of that event...

1. Floating Crowbar, Yellow Cow, Bunker Hill
2. John Boylans, Pat Burkes, Cliffs of Moher
3. Where Are You Tonight
4. Clog Waltz
5. Lord Franklin
6. Top It Of, Holly Bush, Bonny Ann
7. Grey Funnel Line.mp3
8. Cornish Jig, Lark On The Strand, Donegal Kesh
9. Oileann Coill Dara
10. President Garfeld, Madame Vanoni
11. Willie Leonard
12. Yellow Tinker, Cooley's, Woman Of The House

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