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Brendan Begley - It could be a good night yet! (CD)

Hind 16 €
Aasta 2002
Kestus 53'27''
Laos 9
Lisa korvi

Brendan Begley - laul, akordion; Neil Martin - tšello, klahvid, viled; Noel O´ Grady – buzouki

Brendan Begley is a true player. He is true to the tradition that informs his music and his singing. He is an instinctive and intuitive receiver of the tradition. Born into one of Ireland's great musical families, he bears witness to the language, music and song of that family and of the community from which he comes. His artistry is elemental like the weather of his homeplace, situated between the mountains and the sea at the foot of Mount Brandon on the Dingle peninsula at the edge of Europe. Language, landscape, tradition and community translate in Brendan's music, into a profound expression of all that is true at the heart of human endeavour. Philip King

1. Jigs: The Lonesome Jig / The Orphan / Muiris O'Dalaigh

2. Air & Hornpipe: An Charraig Aonair / Her Lovely Hair was Flowing down her Back

3. Song: An Buachaillin Ban

4. Jigs: The Full Rigged Ship / Tom Billy's / Ellen Leary's

5. Slides: John Murphy / Maurice Manley's / John Kelly's

6. Song: There's the Day

7. Jigs: Port an Bhand / Sean Coughlin's

8. Song: Sliabh na mBan

9. Hornpipes: Mary Mac's / The Sands / Crney Drew's

10. Song: The Tinkerman's Daughter

11. Reels: Hunter's Purse / Green Mountain / Man of the House / Matt Peoples'

12. Song: Three Miles from Abha na Scail

13. Polkas: Jack Sweeney's / Jack Connell's / John Clifford's

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