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Bob Lewis - The Painful Plough (CD)

Hind 11 €
Aasta 2003
Kestus 58'54''
Laos 2
Lisa korvi

"There's a sort of artificial idea, to my mind, whether it's come about from the BBC or from the EFDSS or whatever it was, that was this very rigid idea of who was and who wasn't a traditional singer. Well, if you come to it through their interpretation of it, then I'm not a traditional singer."

This is Bob Lewis trying to place himself as a singer. Actually, I would disagree with that second sentence. Bob may be more aware of the importance and the context of the songs than some of his predecessors but in the end this is not the place for the old arguments. It should be enough to say that the recordings gahtered here exemplify all that is worthwhile about traditional singing in the south of England. Bob's singing shows a deep appreciation and love of the songs. This combined with the beauty of all aspects of his singing and his rare understanding of the material makes him one of the finest interpreters of traditional song that we have. I have had the pleasure of listening to Bob's singing on hundreds of occasions over the last three decades and I consider thet he has been giving his finest performances in the last four or five years.
This album catches him in sparkling form.

1. The Painful Plough
2. The Cobbler
3. A Trip to Southend
4. The Golden Glove
5. Live All Alone
6. Farmer Giles
7. John Barleycorn
8. The Crocodile
9. Ox Ploughing
10. Bold Fisherman
11. Spread The Green Branches
12. Young and Single Sailor
13. A Capital Ship
14. The Trees Are All Bare
15. A Sussex Wassail
16. Bob's Mother's Wassail Receipe
17. The farmer's Toast

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