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Ain Agan, Tallinna Kammerorkester, Toomas Vavilov

Hind 18 €
Aasta 2005
Kestus 50'52''
Laos 2
Lisa korvi

Ain Agan has been active on the Estonian jazz scene for past 25 years. Today he is in great demand as a sideman, both on stage and in studio (his guitar can be heard on more than 50 CDs). He is a founding member of the Estonian Dream Big Band and also a tutor (he presently heads the pop/jazz department of the Cultural Academy of the Tartu University in Viljandi). During his career Agan has performed at numerous international jazz festivals and collaborated with many well-known jazzmen, such as bassist Ron McClure and sax player Eero Koivistoinen.

Ain has released three CDs as a member of the quartet Basic Concept and is one of the members of Eesti Keeled (a popular group that mixes folk and jazz influences and has so far released two albums). This CD is the second one he has released under his own name (the first being Ramp from 1995), and the very first in Estonia to combine jazz guitar with a chamber orchestra. Among other special features of this album are the newly commissioned compositions and arrangements by Estonian classical and jazz composers that appear here along with earlier compositions. Agan confesses that his aim was to expand the sonic and stylistic boundaries of Estonian jazz. Listening to this album will confirm that this mission has been accomplished. Joosep Sang

1. Simply Friends (Ain Agan)
2. Silmapilgud (Tõnis Mägi)
3. Hämarik (Ain Agan)
4. Two Brothers (Raul Sööt)
5. Kaamos.ee (Jaak Sooäär)
6. Kergelt vaevatud (Tauno Aints)
7. Oma laulu ei leia ma üles (Valter Ojakäär)
8. Friendly (Ain Agan)
9. Hallaöö (Riho Sibul)
10. Nüüd on see päev ju lõppenud (Religious folk song, Rapla)

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