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Liam Robinson Dance Band - Welcome here again (CD)

Hind 11 €
Aasta 2011
Kestus 46'04''
Laos 2
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Traditional dance music from Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has always been a welcome home for traditional dances.
Many of the tunes on this CD are 200 or more years old and are as good today as they were then. The surviving tune manuscripts show that dance melodies have floated in the county's air for a long time. During my life time the music has been carried by a number of working bands, taking music and dance to communities, weddings aprties every weekend. Stalwarts like The Broadside, Higgledy Piggledy, The Old Parrot Band and Stubble Jumpers to name but a few have continued to keep the music and dance in popular circulation. Playing for dances in the village halls of Lincolnshire has been one of my happiest experiences and I'm proud to follow in the footsteps of all who have gone before me.

Liam Robinson is a musician, dance caller and singer who specialises in the traditions of Lincolnshire. He has worked across Europe and North America sharing his love of traditional music, song and dance.

1. Louth Quickstep / Quickstep from Louth
2. Burton Broom Dance
3. Sheffield Fair / Grinders
4. Welcome Here Again / Gibbons No. 9
5. Oats and Beans and Barley
6. Miss Fisher's Hornpipe
7. The Beavor / Gallop to Fullbeck
8. Rosline Castle
9. Congress at Laceby / Soldier Laddie
10. Acre of Land / Farewell Ye Green Fields
11. Hannoverian Waltz
12. Wednesday Night / Mrs HUbbard's Reel
13. Market Rasen Quickstep
14. I Want To Be Near You

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