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Henrik Jansberg - Signature (CD)

Hind 7 €
Aasta 2004
Kestus 50'20''
Laos 9
Lisa korvi

Henrik Jansberg - old german violin
Sophia Eriksson - violin, viola d'amore 
Rasmus Zeeberg - guitar 
Robert Harbron - concertina 
Steffan Sogaard Sorensen - double bass
Rasmus Brylle - percussion 

I have always enjoyed playing around with my violin- listening and exploring, working with different keys and techniques, and letting them inspire me to create new music. I also owe a lot to the inspiration given to me by other musicians, who have moved me to try and provoke new sounds and tones from my instrument, and have contributed to my sounding the way I do today.
And last but not least; the traditional Danish dances have always meant a lot to me. I have been involved with them since childhood, both as a dancer and as fiddler.
New melodies have often arisen from my meetings with these different sources, and some of these can be heard on this CD.
I have some of my best friends with me on this recording, and they have all contributed both ideas and enthusiasm to what you can hear here. Enjoy!

1. Contradans
2. Over Atlanten
3. Kilden
4. Jig de Trance
5. Polskas
6. Swing Café
7. Raaby Hopsa
8. Grovhakket
9. Reventlows III
10. Northlands
11. Willumsen
12. Stille Aften


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