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Pattern Puppets

Hind 23 €
Autorid Anu Raud, Anu Kotli
Lehekülgi 152
Formaat pehmekaaneline
Aasta 2013
Laos 1
Lisa korvi

A book of pattern animals and pattern birds.

The first knitted animal had in it that germ of an idea - to teach children by fun, games and jokes about the different stocking - and glove-puppets of Estonia, to make them familiar with typical Estonian colour combi-nations, and why not? - also teach them the basics of knitting, in making animals, in a childlike way, a way natural to children. A beginner with an interest in handicrafts probably cannot just start off on their own knitting the animal patterns in this book. At least at the beginning, you need a guide in knitting the animals. We put together the book to share with you the joy of creating handicrafts and inspire you to make use of Estonian folk ornaments and colour combinations. We hope you will use them yourself and teach them to your children. We think this is one amusing and engaging chapter in preserving and getting to know our own heritage.
Anu Raud

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