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Folk Music Harvest Party 2023

Folk Music Harvest Party is a two-day mid-autumn mini festival that brings together the most brilliant folk music artists, unique special projects and fresh and exciting new arrivals. As usual, the programme includes surprising collaborations, exclusive music projects and a lot of good and pure joy of playing.

Folk Music Harvest Party has become an annual meeting point for folk musicians because in addition to fantastic concerts, late night jam sessions and dances, it is also the moment to look back at the past year and give out the “Etnokulp” awards to the folk musicians, albums and songs that have won the audiences’ hearts. 

FRIDAY, 6 October
17:30 Mia Marine (Sweden)

19:00 Folk Music Awards Gala “Etnokulp 2023”
20:15 Villu Talsi
21:30 Special project "Sing my (regi)song"
23:00 DJ-party Folkloob

SATURDAY, 7 October
12:00 World cinema: “Smoke Sauna Sisterhood”

14:00 Music listening session: Volkonski and Eplik
16:00 ETHNO on the Road 2023
17:30 Dance House: Vabariigi Pillimehed
19:00 trad.kVint
20:30 Special project: Duo Ruut³
22:00 Tõnu Tubli in the Boiler Room

Let’s meet again at the Estonian Traditional Music Center to enjoy good music and good friends! 

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