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Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2023

27. July, 2023 -
30. july, 2023


30 € - 150 €
All children aged 12 and under can enter the Viljandi Folk Music Festival for free

4 days of folk music celebration
5 outdoor stages, 3 indoor stages
more than 75 concerts + additional programme
almost 50 artists from Estonia and abroad
Flook (IRL)
Vägilased (EST)
Paabel (EST)
Djely Tapa (ML/CAN)
Trad.Attack! (EST)
Zetod (EST)
Loten Namling (Tibet)
Mandoterror (EST)
Angus (EST)
and many more
XXX Viljandi Folk Music Festival is dedicated to cheerful celebration, party traditions and hope for a brighter future. We welcome dear old friends and new guests, fall happily under the spell of the music and stories they bring along, and celebrate the festival’s big birthday. LET IT RESOUND!
The folk music festival that takes place in Viljandi Castle Hills and city center every July is the ultimate expression of the unique way of thinking that started spreading in the beginning of the 1990s. It values tradition, heritage and local identity and tries to adapt the spiritual values that people have developed over hundreds and thousands of years to the contemporary way of life. The aim of all of it is to keep our traditions alive, strengthen our national character and invigorate our musical mother tongue.

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