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Vabariigi Pillimees 2022

25. November, 2022 -
25. november, 2022


5-7 €

Welcome to the third competition of the best solo musician in Estonia: VABARIIGI PILLIMEES. Once again it’s up to the audience to choose the best and the purest solo player in the whole republic of Estonia at the third competition of VABARIIGI PILLIMEES! The competition takes place on 25th November in Estonian Traditional Music Center. 

The aim of the competition of solo musicians - those who take the stage alone - is on the one hand to promote traditional music, and on the other hand to create a meeting point for the musicians and give them a chance to cheer each other on.

Estonian Diatonic accordion player and the director of Estonian Traditional Music Center reminisces: "I remember when I first started playing and after my first public performance a legendary Estonian accordion player from Võrumaa Elmar Ruusamäe encouraged me to keep playing - his positive attitude gave me so much confidence! That’s the kind of inspiration and feeling of togetherness that I’d like to give to all the participants!” 

The preliminary rounds starting from 11.00 AM are free for the audience.

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