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Concert Folk Music Harvest Party 2023
Special project “Sing my (regi)song • Folk Music Harvest Party

6. October, 2023 -
6. october, 2023


18 €

Special project “Sing my (regi)song - Estonia is quite unique in the world because folk musicians play on the same stages as our most popular rock, pop, classical and jazz music artists. It means that our musical mother tongue is as valued as other imported genres - as it should be! This brotherly-sisterly feeling inspired this special project which brings together artists from different genres to sing each other's songs - at the concert we will hear folkish versions of each other’s tunes from 5 folk musicians and 5 musicians from other genres. Get ready for a real hit parade! The soloists are accompanied by a spectacular band led by multi-instrumentalist Marti Tärn, and the host of the evening is Jaan Jaago.

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