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The most popular band at the Etnokulp awards ceremony was Naised Köögis

This year, the traditional music awards Etnokulp were given out to the best Estonian ethno musicians for the eighth time already.

The awards gala took place on October 7 as part of the Harvest Festival and was broadcast on ETV2. The band Naised Köögis received the most awards by taking home two of the seven ladles which were chosen by popular vote.
The public decided that the award for both the best song and the best new folk artist would go to the women from the kitchen (direct translation of “Naised köögist”). The ladle for the best folk artist went to Trad.Attack! and Eeva Talsi, who plays in many different bands, received the title of the best musician. The winner of the exceptionally tight best album category was Maarja Nuut with her album “Une meeles” and the best newcomer award went to Voorand-Koikson-Sooäär-Daniel. For two years in a row, the best folk music DJ prize went to Harl:Etno.
The special Estonian Traditional Music Center ladle was given by the head of the Traditional Music Center, Tarmo Noormaa to the long-standing head of the University of Tartu Culture Academy, Anzori Barkalaja for his hard work on developing Estonian Traditional Music during the last 15 years. The Raadio 2 special ladle was bestowed on Pastacas.
The popular vote was open for nine days and attracted a record number of voters. More than 2500 folk music fans chose their favourites amongst the candidates or proposed their own nominees.

Etnokulp 2016 results
Best song: Naised Köögis “Naised, naised”
Best album: Maarja Nuut “Une meeles”
Best artist: Trad.Attack!
Best musician: Eeva Talsi
Best new folk artist: Naised Köögis
Newcomer on the folk music scene: Voorand-Koikson-Sooäär-Daniel
Best DJ: Harl:Etno
Estonian Traditional Music Center special ladle: Anzori Barkalaja
Raadio 2 special ladle: Pastacas


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