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The design for XXIII Viljandi Folk Music Festival has been chosen

The brief for the design competition was to visualise the theme of next year's festival "Freedom" in the most pertinent and suitable way.

By choosing this theme, the organisers are trying to draw attention to the topic of creative freedom in instrument playing on the folk music scene in a situation where the word itself has become more meaningful and important on the larger scale.

All in all, 29 works by 21 designers were submitted to the competition which was advertised on our homepage and on Facebook. Most of the members of the committee consisting of employees of Estonian Traditional Music Center agreed with the decision and the first prize went to Janno Preesalu from the design agency Bassein.

The winning design consists of a collection of different visuals which symbolise freedom and every image tells a story of its own. "The images with child-like aesthetics are extremely simple, easy to follow and do not burden people with their presence," Janno Preesalu explains. "The free-flowing style offers several possibilities for festival guests to become involved through handicraft activities during the festival," said the designer, drawing attention to the possibility of the design starting to live a life of its own.

The author of the winning design, Janno Preesalu has a graphic design degree from Tartu Art College. Preesalu who works at the design agency Bassein, considers himself to be both an illustrator and graphic designer who likes to combine different areas of design into a coherent whole which can also be seen in the winning design.


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