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2014 music sales charts for the Traditional Music Center record shop

The Traditional Music Center record shop which is located in the foyer of the Traditional Music Center concentrates mainly on traditional music. In addition to albums, the shop also stocks souvenirs which are related to the festival, books, handicraft, etc. and the Piletilevi sales outlet is also located in the store. Their most popular products are still different formats of recorded music. We composed a chart of the bestselling albums of 2014 and the list is right in front of you.

The music sales top 10 based on the sales figures of the Traditional Music Center record shop is the following:

1. CURLY STRINGS "Üle ilma"

By far the bestselling album of last year. It's not a great surprise because a few weeks ago, the same album was named the Album of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards Gala 2014. The holder of the second place lags far behind – the sales numbers for Curly Strings are five times higher! Purchase "Üle ilma" here.

In order to provide an example of their music, here is "Kauges külas" which won the Best Song Award at the same awards ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9y7HUqDD0I

2. TRAD.ATTACK! "Trad.Attack!"

Trad.Attack! which won five Ethno Ladles out of seven has justifiably earned its place near the top of the charts. The fans don't seem to be discouraged by the fact that it's not a full-length album. Hopefully the band will find time in their tight performance schedule to write new songs and release their first "real" album. Purchase it from here.

Their song "Kuukene" received the Best Video Award at the Estonian Music Awards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaP6jUgFGkA

3. VÄGILASED 3CD Collection

Vägilased stopped performing years ago but the triple album with their best songs has retained a high position in this chart year after year. All signs seem to suggest that their comeback is expected and hoped for. Purchase it from here.


4. SILVER SEPP "Mis asi see on" additional information/purchase here

5. SÕIT-SÕIT-SÕIT KÜLLA additional information/purchase here

6. SÕIT SÕÕRULE additional information/purchase here

7. ZETOD "Lätsi kõrtsu" additional information/purchase here

8. TORUPILLI JUSSI TRIO "Mengin nagu taevatitt" additional information/purchase here

9. MIDRID "Meeste kutse" additional information/purchase here

10. MAARJA NUUT "Soolo"additional information/purchase here

This was the year 2014 in the language of music sales numbers, let's wait and see what the current year has in stall for us!  

The record shop at the Traditional Music Center is open:

Mon-Fri 9.00-21.00
Sat 11.00-21.00
Sun 11.00-19.00

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