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Traditional music takes over public transportation in Viljandi

How does a bagpipe sound on a bus? What kind of rhythm do the polkas follow on public transportation?

Which runo songs to sing to the conductor? Answers to these and other questions are sought by the members of Noorte Moosekantide Selts (Young Musicians' Society) at the urban event "Traditional Music in Buses" organised by Estonian Traditional Music Center. At 11.30 on Saturday, young traditional musicians Cathy Sommer, Kermo Kukk, Hanna-Liis Lao, Anni Vitsberg, Eva Väljaots, Liisa Koemets, Liisu Siimer, Johanna-Britt Berzin and Jaan Jaago gather in the "Library" bus stop to play a few songs together after which they split up onto buses to liven up the atmosphere on public transportation and to promote traditional music and the importance of using public transportation. Traditional musicians can be seen on the buses between 11.30 to 13.30. Take the bus on Saturday and travel together with musicians!