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XXV Viljandi Folk Music Festival celebrates its 25th jubilee with the theme “New and old”

The theme of one of the oldest festivals in Estonia, “New and old” talks about the life, growth and adventures of traditional music. Carried by the motif of old and new, the summer jubilee celebration becomes a meeting place for feisty old professionals and young players, old and new friends alike.

“It’s inspiring to feel the energy of the experienced musicians and the enthusiasm of the newcomers which brings together different generations and worldviews on the dance floor. Different generations complement each other both on the stage and on the dance floor. The old becomes new and vice versa,” explained the Head of Programme, Tarmo Noormaa.

The theme also discusses the importance of the beloved festival on the Estonian cultural scene which goes beyond just throwing a great party or widening people’s musical horizons. “The festival together with Viljandi Culture Academy and Estonian Folklore Archives started a revival of traditional music in Estonia. In addition to authenticity, people started to value improvisation and learning from other people. This is how the term “Estonian traditional music” was coined,” described the Head of Festival Ando Kiviberg. “The goal to make traditional music an inseparable part of the contemporary cultural space, which was set 25 years ago, has been achieved,” he added.

Viljandi Folk Music Festival itself is a unique mixture of old and new. The centuries-old Castle Hills have always been a special space for performers, the public and the organisers. A whole generation of boys and girls have grown up together with the sprightly music event. Sandra Vabarna from Trad.Attack! has taken part of the festival as a volunteer, festival guest and also as a performer. “I felt very special working on the festival as a volunteer – I was not just simply a festival guest, I contributed in a small way through doing my cleaning tasks to making the honourable festival even more awesome,” reminisces the traditional musician from Viljandi. The internationally renowned musician adds, “The summer music festival has opened my eyes as a musician and widened my horizons, shown me what real skill is, introduced me to several idols and generally been a great source of motivation. In addition to that, the festival is also just pure joy, love and passion which makes you grateful for such a good music festival.”

XXV Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place in Viljandi on July 27-30, 2017. The festival passes go on sale on December 1, 2016 at Piletilevi ticket vendors. Additional information is available HERE or from the festival Facebook page.

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