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ETHNO Estonia

8. November 2019

Welcome to the XXV ETHNO Estonia camp on July 13–26 2021!

ETHNO is an international music camp for youngsters aged 16-30 years, where traditional music from different countries is learned by ear in workshops led by the participants themselves. Learning and arranging the tunes is led by artistic leaders.

ETHNO Estonia is one of the biggest and oldest ethnos in the world. Usually we have 5–6 artistic leaders and 60–70 participants of which half are locals. This year we will have our 25th Ethno!

ETHNO Estonia takes place in a beautiful manor in a small village called Kõpu. It lasts for 14 days of which the last 4 we spend at Viljandi Folk Music Festival where we give 2–3 concerts and listen to many more. At the camp you can enjoy collective workshops, dance and bonfire nights, free stage concerts, road trips, special guests, creative tasks, etc. Whether you sing or play melody, harmony or percussion instrument  – you are welcome!

NB! Participants will be selected according to availability of places in different instrument groups and the level of playing skills. If you’ve been to ETHNO Estonia three times in a row, others with less experience are given priority. However, you are very welcome to apply! 


We will stay at Kõpu school on July 13–22. We’ll learn tunes, rehearse, dance, jam, go on roadtrips etc. We’ll have three meals a day and sleep on the floors of classrooms with our own mattresses and sleeping bags (7–15 people per room). Washing facilities are in the school’s sports hall. 

On Thursday, 22nd of July, we’ll move to Viljandi to kick off the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Our basecamp for the duration of the festival will be in the sports hall of Viljandi Kesklinna School (Uueveski tee 1). We can stay there until the 26th July, lunchtime (the hall must be vacated by 12 o’clock). NB! The alimentation during the festival is not included!


Registration is closed!

Participation fee of the camp is 230 /250* €.
* Price for those with special food requirements (lactose free, vegan, gluten free)

The costs include:

  • transport for the duration of the camp
  • food for the duration of the camp July 13–22 (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two light meals) NB! Viljandi Folk Music Festival not included!
  • accommodation for the duration of the camp and Viljandi Folk Music Festival
  • performer’s card of the festival that gives free access to all the concerts  

To apply, fill in the registration form. Registration closes on 1st of May but participants are also accepted after that, in case of available places. 

The confirmation of acceptance to the camp will be sent by 1st of April, at the latest. After receiving the confirmation, please transfer a non-refundable prepayment of 40 € to the bank account of MTÜ Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus (NGO Estonian Traditional Music Center) EE691010220008039018. Prepayment guarantees a place at the camp!

The remaining 190 /210 € should be transferred to the account of Estonian Traditional Music Center by the 1st of June 2021, at the latest. In details of the payment, please mark “ETHNO Estonia 2021” and your name. 



Margit Kuhi (Head of Ethno Estonia)

After graduating from traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy, she started to organize different courses and music camps for people, to spread the word about the coolest music in the world - the folk music! It is a great pleasure for her to meet all these wonderful talented youngsters every year. The way they create that special Ethno-world, inspires her to organize the camp again and again... Margit is in charge of everything you need to feel comfortable: food, accommodation, travelling, washing facilities, lanyard cards, T-shirts etc. 

Merike Paberits (programme coordinator)

Merike is working throughout the year to make the camp happen. Together with Margit and Henrika, they create the agenda of the camp, organize roadtrips, concerts, surprises etc. Her main role at the camp is to keep an eye on everything related to the programme: workshops, concerts, riders, dancing etc. 

Henrika Trave (right hand and social media)

Henrika is a smiley and helpful young lady from the island of Saaremaa. She plays recorder and bagpipe and has graduated traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy. For her, the Ethno camp is a magical experience of two weeks with the most awesome people, an unbelievable adventure and a musical journey around the world. In addition to helping with all the organizational tasks, Henrika's job is to do the social media of ETHNO Estonia.

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