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The following materials are available in the Traditional Music Center Library:

Sound and video recordings

  • records - CDs and DVDs that have been issued in Estonia and elsewhere in the world
  • promotional materials - primarily promotional materials compiled for the introduction of groups and musicians, which has been sent to the Viljandi Folk Music Festival or collected from various trade fairs (primarily WOMEX), use is subject to copyright restrictions
  • demo materials - demo materials sent by musicians and groups that wished to perform at the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, use is subject to copyright restrictions
  • concert recordings - primarily related to festivals (Viljandi Folk Music Festival, MAAjaILM World Music Festival, and the Traditional Music Harvest Festival)


  • specialized reference and study literature, and sheet music
  • posters, booklets, and other small printed materials


  • e.g. copies of the registries and catalogues from the Estonian Folklore Archives that are related to Saaremaa

Collections of articles

  • e.g. Andres Peekna's collection of scientific articles on the acoustics of the Estonian zither


  • of instruments and musicians

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