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Regisong Podcast - a unique introduction to ancient Estonian music, also available in English

Regisong Podcast is a new project for traditional music fans, something to revive the memories of past Viljandi Folk Music festivals and to await the future ones. Regisong Podcast is a unique possibility to get to know the Estonian folk song´s tradition with comments in English. 

The Regisong Podcast Series aims to offer its listeners an opportunity to listen to ancient  singers who made the performance come from various Estonia parts and share a deep and profound relationship with the songs. Further narrated with eloquence and grace by writer and translator Indrek Koff in his words, adds meaning, introduces the themes in the songs, background stories related to them, and relevance in today’s time.

Estonian Regi songs’ traditional performances. This podcast series presents ten Regisongs belonging to different ages. TheWhat is Regisong? Regisong, Regilaul, Runic song, Runo song, and Folk songs in runic verse are synonyms to Estonian folk songs’ oral tradition. Regisong has always had a special place in the Viljandi Folk Music Festival programme, as well as a natural way of bringing the festival visitors together in spontaneous singing. “These folk songs carry the wisdom and knowledge of thousands of years about the Estonian’s culture and survival strategies. These songs weaved together with people and nature give us a unique artistic vision and understanding of life’s ways,” explains Tarmo Noormaa, the head of Estonian Traditional Music Center NGO.  A tremendous amount of work has been done in Estonia to preserve and revive them, to systematize and analyze its lyrics in depth. Due to all these efforts, The Estonian Folklore Archive holds almost a million Regisongs today, some of which are now forming the input for the Regisong Podcasts. The podcast introduces songs in unique voice accompaniment by: Peeter Volkonski, Liisi Koikson, Celia Roose, Meelika Hainsoo, Priit Pedajas, Kaido Kama, Mari Kalkun, Timu Kalmu, Ando Kiviberg, & Lauri Õunapuu. 

The Regisong Podcast series can be found on Spotify.

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