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Kids ETHNO camp is for young music lovers aged 12–16. At the camp we'll explore the diverse world of Estonian traditional music, which is forever inspiring both for newcomers and old friends. We delve into old songs, dances and tunes, inherited from past generations. There will be collective workshops filled with singing and playing, exciting special guests, dance workshops, bonfire nights, handicrafts and much more. We also go and pay a visit to the big ETHNO camp, play and learn a tune with them and give a concert together at Kõpu laululava.

The culmination of our time spent together will be our very own concert at Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

NB! At the camp, we learn to play the music by ear. If this is new to you, don’t worry – we’ll help you! With the help of our wonderful artistic leaders, you can also share tunes or songs by teaching them to other children.

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