Trad trance with the Jew's harp.

väriseva rautaThe new album by Tapani Varis takes us from the steppes of Mongolia to the mountains and glaciers of Norway to the magical mantras and epochs of Finnish hirtory.
Varis has revived Finnish Jew's harp and made a bold album where nordic landscapes embrace both the forest and the city. The archaic and spiritual sound of the Jew's harp is complemented by the breathtaking equation of kantele as played by Maija Kauhanen and percussion provided by Zarkus Poussa.
The album brings modern man who is often overwhelmed by the minutiae of contemporary life, closer to his roots and the pulse of life itself.

1. Fiskaren
2. Jew's harp hero
3. Väriseva rauta
4. Wind engine
5. Jormankorpi
6. Cover of wood
7. Avaruuspaimenet
8. Kisailu
9. Katkokävelyllä
10. Valamo
11. Norjan mökki
12. Karstulan pajautus

Tapani Varis - Jew's harp, overtone flute, guitar
Zarkus Poussa - rhythm instruments, Jew's harp, Era harp, bass
Pia Kleemola-Välimäki - fiddle, bowed harp, kantele
Maija Kauhanen – kantele, harmonium


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