Sild TroTro (mis tähendab rännak kõmri keeles), salvestati augustis 2007 aastal Lääne-Walesis, Cardigani linnakeses, rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud plaadifirma Fflach Tradd all, mis on duo SILD teine helisalvestus.
Duo SILD moodustus vahetult pärast 2001 aasta Viljandi pärimusmuusika festivali, mil Martin Leamon ja Sille Ilves leidsid ühise keele Eesti ning Walesi pärimusmuusikas.
SILD on loonud muusika, mis on kui intiimne kahekõne, mis avab uksed täiesti uudsesse Maailma. Walesi kõrguvad mäed ja Eesti laiuvad niidud on kohtunud avaras ning tundelises muusikas.

"Tro (a Welsh word for journey) is a creative and compelling sequence of stories in music and song. The various vignettes are darkly intimate and mesmerising and the whole sequence gains its strong sense of unity through the duo's elegantly skilled musicianship and their nimble and sensitive adaptation of their sources. Their collaboration coaxes an extraordinary amount of richness from an ostensibly quite stark instrumental palette and this is in no small measure due to the exotic, full tones of the bowed instruments but partly also as a result of the presence of Sille's arresting singing voice. This is a highly distinctive and exquisitively beautiful release." - David Kidman, Living Tradition.
Martin Leamon and Sille Ilves formed their unique Welsh – Estonian collaboration shortly after the 2001 Viljandi Folk Music Festival.
Since then they have developed a truly original fusion of two different musical cultures, rooted in tradition yet thoroughly modern, they create timeless music.

Sille Ilves - viiulid, hiiukandled, laul
Martin Leamon - kitarr, hammond orel

1. The Birth of the Singer
2. Vanapagana Lugu I & II
3. Y Gwcw
4. Ilus Gwen
5. Tule Koju
6. Silver Sails
7. Can Y Ceffyl
8. Vanapagana Lugu III
9. Trip to the Wonderland
10. A Stranger to the Earth


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