Autumn visitAnatol Stefanet - vioola
Enver Izmailov - kitarr
Vali Boghean - saksafon, kaval, laul

Modern jazz is extending „the area of its interests" into realm of traditional (or folk) music, transforming and adopting the Argentinean tango and Azerbaijan mugam, the Spanish flamenco and polyphonic Georgian songs, the Portuguese fado and the Swedish visa. In this context, the synthesis of folk music and of the cosmopolitan freedom of jazz can create a kind of intellectual solidarity of different cultural traditions.
This album in ethno-jazz style is the result of collaboration of brilliant musicians with quite different ethnic traditions- Enver Izmailov- a Crimean Tatar- and two Moldovans- Anatol Stefanet and Valeriu Boghean.

The compositions of this album, inspired by Moldovan and Tatar folk themes, are a free musical expressions, based on the similarity and diversity of Tatar and Moldovan folklore. Combining authentic Moldovan rhythms and traditional Tatar melodies, Tatar rhythms and Moldovan harmony, using the freedom of jazz, one can sense that the musicians felt a real pleasure playing together, and we hope that this feeling of joy and pleasure will be shared by the audience.

1. Vivit
2. Tatar dance
3. Aghelia
4. Autumn talking
5. The legend
6. The morning
7. CT Funk
8. Eleven steps
9. Bairam


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