estonian bagpipeIn old chronicles and documents there is a lot of data about bagpipe as the most popular instrument in those times. Probably already in the 14th century bagpipe was widely known in Estonia. It was played for dance and the bagpipe player had an important role during the wedding and various other customs.

There is some information that in old days bagpipe players were off from manor's duty, but they had to do „bagpipe days". So that the work would succeed easily there sometimes was a bagpipe player who all the day followed the grain cutters and played. When he noticed that somebody was lazy or careless then the bagpipe player went to that person and started to play whining sound with his bagpipe „like the piglet would do when it is in trouble" and this caused the public attention and laugh at once.

Cätlin Jaago - Estonian bagpipe
Sandra Sillamaa - Estonian bagpipe
Marko Mägi - Saxophones
Silver Sepp - nail instrument, bicycle, window, cask, basins, vocal

1. Lükata tõmmata ja Isa labajalg
2. Hiidlase vene kamarushka
3. Torupillilugu
4. Kollase nokamütsiga rändaja
5. Mustjala paarisrong
6. Nael kummi
7. Oh, oh, oh, kui hea
8. Torupillii Jussi labajalg
9. Kalamees
10. Läbi lillede
11. Karjapoisi polka ja Kahuralli polka
12. Paras reha
13. Pulmamarss
14. Isa labajalg


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