providenceIIIMichelle O'Brien - fiddle
Micheal O Raghallaigh - concertina, accordion
Troy Bannon - flute, low whistles
Cyril O'Donoghue - guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Paul Doyle - guitar, bouzouki, backing vocals

1. The Glenntan Reel, Sandymount Reel, The Beauty Spot, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn, The Midnight Reel- Reels
2. The Bantry Girl's Lament- Song
3. Garret Barry's, Biddy the Bold, The Fairy Jig- Jigs/Slip Jigs
4. Jack Haggerty- Song
5. Dances at Kinvara, Chaffpool Post, The Roosky Polka, The Teelin Polka- Barndances/Polkas
6. My Old Man- Song
7. Glen of Aherlow, The Cornboy, The Road to Monalea- Reels
8. Leslies March, Kitty Come Down to Limerick, Travers No.2, Billy Brockers- March, Slip Jig, Reels
9. Jock o Hazeldean- Song
10. Tommy Gunn's, Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel, Molly Ban- Reels


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