Anomie OrchestraDaniel Carlsson - saksofonid
Erik Söderlind – kitarrid

Anomie, a state of lawlessness, best describes what this group aims to achieve in their music. Together they have created a unique sound that is built on a relationship between various musical genres and experiences.
It is in this regard their music could be considered developmental. The listener may perhaps hear the best of two musical traditions, or possibly a dialogue between two wills?! Compelling melodies and exquisite sounds.

1 Uppgång
2 Men of ulster
3 Tôppôpperôlla
4 Grandmoters dream
5 Talgoxen
6 En konstig fan
7 Ågren
8 Calliente
9 Mrs. Bartosik
10 Vändzon
11 Jag vet en dejlig rosa


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