Mats Eden - AvtryckMats Eden – melodeon, double-row accordion and fivestringed drone fiddle

Fiddle player and accordionist Mats Eden is one of the founders and the only remaining original member of the flagship of Swedish folk music, Groupa. Hei s a pioneer and one of the most personal modern musicians in the new Swedish folk music.
The songs on this record are a selection out of the repertoire I learned from Oskar Andersson (1898-1986) and Alfred Magnusson (1890-1986), both natives of Magskog in Värmland. I have collected the fiddle tunes, ehich are well suited to be played on single-row or double-row accordion, from the Värmland, Dala and Dalsland districts of Swedish songs.
As a kompliment to the accordion's earthy and raspy strains, I have included several fiddle tunes from Värmland, Västerdalarna and Setesdal in Norway. It's a style of music that I have a Gerat deal of feelings for.
But it is primarily the accordion that is the Enter of focus on this rekord. An excellent instrument, easy to pick up arter dinner, at the beach, for a dance or when putting the children to bed. On top of which, it has a dangerous effect on everything else you do in life. Once you've gotten a taste for the keys, there's no turnin back. They've made an impressioon...
Help yourselves.
Respectfully yours,
Mats Eden

1. Fanfarvals
2. Polska efter Carl Johan Björklund, Hagfors
3. Rejländer från Toten
4. Spelmannes polketta
5. Polska efter Snubben
6. Gallopan från Västra Ämtervik
7. Vid Gunnerns strand
8. Dänna dänn
9. Gammal Mangskoging
10. Lauslåtten efter Eirik Toresgard
11. Rejländer efter Andres Rysstad, Setesdal
12. Skogsklockorna
13. Fanten
14. Fanten
15. Polska av Jan Calsa, Hagfors
16. 'Lätt bli da' å ta på Frida'
17. Ulvens skägg
18. Vals efter Olof Jansson, Abborängen
19. Suldölen
20. Polska från Eda efter Olof Andersson
21. Den kaldsteikte
22. Sorundavalsen efter Oskar Andersson
23. Polska efter Bröderna Lundin
24. Kväsarvalsen
25. 'Sutti sul'n ô sutti sej'
26. Vals efter Ljuder Anders och Hållbus Totte Mattsson, Mora
27. Halling från västra Värmland och Norge


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