The field of vibrations created by the overtones of talharpa creates an illusion of an invisible woman’s voice was accompanying the instrument. Talharpa is a small instrument but the woman has still somehow managed to hide in it and she sings whenever she feels like it. The more talharpas are playing together, the more frequent the sound becomes. That’s exactly the reason why the male duo Puuluup are playing at a woman’s voice themed festival! Don’t forget this when you see two guys performing on the stage and creating music with a talharpa, looper and effect blocks. They play tradition-infused original songs, refer to this and that and perform several other songs which are invariably educational and unpretentiously entertaining. Puuluup’s typical talharpa neozombiepostfolk sounds like something you’ve heard before.

PS! The story of the singing lady is no joke. Every other talharpa player has heard her sing.

Ramo Teder - talharpa, vocal, looper
Marko Veisson - talharpa, vocal, looper
Sveta Bogomolova - visuals