Free entry to the perimeter THU-SAT 8:00-14:00, Sunday

The perimeter is open to the festival guests 14:00-04:30

The perimeter is closed 04:30-08:00


THU-SAT 11:00-02:00
SUN 12:00-22:00

THU-SAT 12:00-01:00

THU-SAT 12:00-00:00
SUN 12:00-21:00

Entry to the festival is granted with:

  • Festival passes
  • Festival day passes
  • Concert tickets which grant repeated entry to the perimeter
  • Area tickets

Festival tickets are sold at Kirsimäe and Lossi ticket booths, Vabaduse ticket and pass center and an hour before the concert in the Fire Department Yard Stage, Kultrahoov and Aircraft Factory. Single concert tickets are not sold at the gates of all the concerts which is why the organisers kindly advise the guests to purchase the concert tickets in good time from the ticket booths, pass centre or Piletilevi sales outlets.

Important information

  • The festival pass and day pass grant entry to all the outdoor concerts, the nightclub and (subject to availability) the concerts which take place in St John's Church. For the concerts taking place in Estonian Traditional Music Center, all festival pass owners must purchase a 2€ ticket from the ticket sales outlets. Please be aware that the number of spaces at the indoor concerts is limited and entry is guaranteed only to the concert ticket holders.
  • Festival, day and youngster passes are exchanged for wristbands in Vabaduse ticket and pass centre which is located near the main festival gate on Vabaduse Square, in Lossi ticket booth and in Kirsimäe ticket booth.
  • All children under the age of 12 (included) can visit the festival for free. In order to prevent problems which might arise from determining the age of your child, we kindly ask you to visit the ticket and pass centre when you arrive at the festival area where the children are provided with wristbands upon presenting a document proving their eligibility.
  • The youngster’s festival and day passes are for students aged 13-26 (included). The youngster’s passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting proof of age and student status.
  • The pensioner’s day passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting a pension certificate.
  • After 20.00, all children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adults to enter the perimeter.
  • The escorts of people with severe disability (blindness or needing a wheelchair) can enter the festival for free.

Day pass prices during the festival:
THU – 28 €/21 €*
FRI – 38 €/28 €*
SAT – 44 €/33 €*
SUN – 24 €/18 €*
*for Telia clients

SINGLE CONCERT TICKETS grant entry to the concert marked on the ticket once which means that the ticket loses its validity after you exit the concert area. However, the ticket grants repeated entry to the perimeter during the day of the concert marked on the ticket. You have to register the ticket at the gate when leaving the perimeter.

AREA TICKET (2 €) grants a single entry to the perimeter, i.e. once you leave the area and wish to return you need to purchase a new ticket. Children under the age of 12 (included) and pensioners can enter the area for free provided they present a document which proves their eligibility.