Similarly to last year, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival campsite is once again located in the large orchard in the town centre near the Viljandi market behind the health centre.

Even though the campsite is in the centre of the town, spending the night at the campsite is safe and peaceful thanks to the fence which protects the area from all sides. Not to mention several additional perks like the close proximity of the perimeter (300m from the Vabaduse Square ticket booth), nearby mar-ket stalls, bakery, grocery store and the town sauna!


Campsite rules:
• The campsite opens on Thursday, July 28 at 12:00 and closes on Monday, August 1 at 10:00.
• The price is 3€ per night per person. Payments for accommodation are made on site.
• Order is maintained around the clock. The noise curfew starts at 23:00.
• Washing facilities are available for an extra fee at Viljandi Sports Centre and Inger hostel.
• Breakfast can be purchased from the nearby grocery store, Viljandi Market and Kivi Bakery.
• Phone charging facilities and first aid kits are available at the campsite. You can also purchase rain ponchos.
• The campsite is surrounded by a high fence. Order (including the non-drink-ing law and noise curfew) is maintained by the campsite personnel and the security company G4S, who cooperate with the police if necessary. The festival team is doing all they can to guarantee a quiet and peaceful night’s rest for the campers.
• The campsite personnel monitor the inflow to the campsite to make sure that the territory is not overflowing to ensure a good night’s rest for everyone. However, this means that there are limits to how many people can stay at the campsite. We recommend you book a place for your tent as early as possible.
• If you decide to leave early, no refunds are given for the nights which have already been purchased.
• Bookings are open until July 25. All vacant spaces will be available for pur-chase during the festival.
• The festival accepts no responsibility for the personal belongings of the campers.

FOLK AND CAMP! The festival area is a closed perimeter. Booking a space at the camping site (verified by a corresponding wristband) guarantees free access to the perimeter!