Viljandi Folk Music Festival rules for visitors:

  • Do not bring to the festival area glass containers, weapons, or any other items and/or substances dangerous to people
  • It is not allowed to bring along and consume the alcohol taken along in the festival area
  • Leave your pets home
  • Place your garbage where it is meant to go
  • Keep your eye on your possessions
  • Know where the gates, entrances to the concert venues, toilets and first aid are
  • Follow the houserules and general principles of ethics and morality
  • Remember that the organizers and security guards have the right to refuse entrance and send out of the festival area those visitors who violate the festival rules

Rules at the festival venues:

  • The concert ticket becomes invalid upon leaving the concert venue
  • After the end of concert leave the concert venue
  • The number of seats at the concerts indoors is limited and late comers are not allowed to the hall
  • No access is granted to the venues with alcohol taken along, glass containers, weapons, pyrotechnic items or appliances and/or substances dangerous to people
  • At concert venues it is only allowed to smoke at places specifically designated for that purpose
  • Do not climb on the walls at castle ruins