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Väikeste Lõõtspillide Ühing ("An Association of Small Accordions") was formed in June of 1989, when a group of youngsters could not tame their need to play accordions. Decent instruments were nowhere to be bought in our homeland during that terrible time. Once, the founding members found themselves in a local shop in the countryside and their attention was driven to the shelf where the small Russian garmoshkas meant for children were situated. The price was cheap and the voluntary civic association got itself registered at the administration of Pärnu county. From the ceaseless passion towards the sexy buzz of this instrument, a dance orchestra of national folk music was formed.

The association's current members are
Marko Matvere
Raido Koppel
Joel Sarv
Erkki-Kalle Esop
Aivar Vassiljev
Sander Udikas