Thursday, 27.07 at 14:00

Tbilisi is has given Estonian audiences goosebumps on several occasions and we are happy to be hearing their powerful male singing again. Every man in this choir sings pure gold. Their music never seizes to surprise – it is at times extremely gentle and affectionate while resounding like the thunder a second later. Their repertoire includes songs from different areas in Georgia – they sing war songs, songs about being in the road but also melodic church songs which they alternate with decorative shepherds’ and wedding songs. Temperamental and humorous competitive moments amuse the audience – the singers try to outdo each other with their skills and the simple melancholic beauty of male singing makes your heart sing. The strange harmonies built on natural sounds create a magical world which is not easy to escape.

Georgian male polyphonic singing has been added to the UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Kakhaber Aslanishvili
Tamaz Mamaladze
Zurab Shalamberidze
Vasil Khutsishvili
David Gogolashvili
Elguja Gegelashvili
Nikoloz Beriashvili
Giorgi Gogitadze
Robert Gogolashvili
Otar Lominadze
Ramaz Guniava
Zaza Mamaladze