Thursday, 27.07 at 00:00

The history of Viljandi Folk Music Festival is a colourful cross-section of the essence of our society. For already twenty fifth year in a row, we gather regardless of age and put aside our prejudices to enjoy ancient music, find love, bury the hatchet and make friends. We know how nice it is to meet your old classmate at the Food Court, how to forget about your daily grind when jumping around at Kirsimäe with your relatives and how even the most modest people let their inner beasts roam when dancing at Kirsimäe in pouring rain, how walking back from the Traditional Music Center hand-in-hand with your partner during the early hours of the day is a pure bliss. All these strong emotions still pose one of the most burning questions of our society - what is the best instrument to dance to?

We are trying to find an answer to this question during the opening night of the festival. Accordion, talharpa and Jew's harp players try to defend the honour of their instruments in a humorous competition in order to find out the best slipper spinner, soaring skirt twirler and most hard-headed dancer.

Attention! This is an event which might contain contact with other people. In order for it to be a success, please bring your dancing energy, sense of humour, pair of legs and good mood. The organiser does not take any responsibility for ingenious ideas, worn-out shoes, painful abs or unexpected bed partners which might arise as a result of the event.