Thursday, 27.07 at 20:00

Naised köögis (“Women in the Kitchen”) continue putting old songs into new formats and converting new songs into old formats. Old melodies find new lyrics in the warmth of the kitchen when playing music with friends and new lyrics meet current topics and find new unexpected meanings.

The group’s music emanates the timeless yearning for beauty and happiness known from traditional songs mixed with notes straight from the everyday life. An excerpt from a sentence heard from the table next to yours or on the street can become inspiration for a new song. The members of the band do not have to do anything else but listen and keep their pens and instruments ready, knowing that life similarly to traditional culture will mute everything which is unimportant. If a song does not shrivel under the weight of old age or collapse in the wind, you could go to the end of the world with it and even take it to the stage.

Kristiina Ehin – vocals, garmon
Katrin Laidre – vocals, garmon, contrabath
Sofia Joons – vocals, violin, guitar
Kairi Leivo – vocals