Thursday, 27.07 at 20:00

Maarja Nuut is a fiddler and singer who combines the sound of suggestive vocals and traditional instruments using electronic instruments. Manipulating sounds with analogue effects, adding in the impulses created by synthesisers and rhythm machines and improving the flow by looping which has become her trademark. This is how a wholesome composition is created which in its sensitivity and raw fickleness creates a fireworks of psychedelic elements.

These musical chains are created in collaboration with Hendrik Kaljujärv, who has channelled his creativity into many different formats – created music for plays and dance performances, made installations for galleries, directed and attracted attention with the group Cubus Larvik.

While the echoes and reverbs are playing with your frontal lobe, the bass notes are passing through your body with all their strength. From the sound massive created by these two emerge expressive qualities which are characteristic to traditional music.

Separately, both Maarja and Hendrik are independent artists whose works are defined by intensive and deep request for creating a certain mood but they use different means and techniques to achieve this. Working together opens new doors for them. Serving the same purpose, they inspire each other to take bolder steps to create bigger and more dynamic forms. It is important to sense each other to understand where the other one is at any point in time and then keep up with what is happening in the moment without ever losing sights of the target.