Thursday, 27.07 at 22:00

The world has been taken over by a ukulele craze! The small Hawaiian instrument with a friendly sound is winning over people’s hearts here and abroad. The Danish duo Elof & Wamberg is an extremely inspiring example of how this exotic instrument can be used in completely new and fresh ways and how the ukulele can be combined with Nordic traditional music. Tobias Elof is the world’s first ukulele player to have received a degree in the subject. He has studied under several great ukulele players like James Hill, Kimo Hussey and Byron Yasui. Nicolaj Wamber is a contrabass player whose playing style is characterised by a lot of movement, depth, subtle nuances and brave improvisation. Together they create harmonious Nordic soundscapes with a gentle ukulele and a juicy contrabass.

Tobias Elof – ukulele
Nicolaj Wamberg – contrabass