Saturday, 29.07 at 20:00

Nano Stern has enchanted the Estonian audiences several times before so we invited our old friend to perform at the jubilee festival to create new experiences for the festival guests.

Nano Stern is justifiably called the voice of his generation. He is a real Chilean superstar. He is a descendant of Jewish refugees. Ever since his childhood, music has played an important role in Nano’s life. His musical sensibility has been strongly influenced by the legendary Nueva Canción aka Chilean New Song movement. Nueva Canción started in the sixties and the seventies among the repressed musicians in Chile in response to the Pinochet dictatorship which had repressed an entire generation of creative professionals. For Nano, Nueva Canción and its legendary musicians were an endless source for inspiration and the socio-political dimension can never be completely separated from his music.

Nano Stern’s amazing charisma and charm work best in a concert situation because he is a true king of live performances. The audience is like melted butter in Nano’s hands. He moves them to tears and makes them dance in his rhythm in his own sincere and modest way. His melodies, lyrics, humour, sincere soulful presence and a huge heart create an indescribable atmosphere at his concerts. Nano Stern’s music has been influenced by his classic and jazz music studies which he mixes with underground rock and punk, traditional music and revolutionary songs. Even though he is a talented multi-instrumentalist, Nano’s closest allies are his guitar and vocals which create a unique, open-hearted and seamless sound which talks to audiences everywhere where Nano’s travels take him. Regardless of the cultural background, Nano vibrates in the same rhythm as the audience in the end of the concert. This otherworldly experience is described best by himself, “When I vibrate strongly, the audience starts vibrating with me until the vibe becomes so intense that everything around us starts vibrating with us.” If we disregard lyrics, genres, traditions, then this is the essence of music. Our bodies move together with each other and the surrounding air and this is the most mysterious thing in the world.

Fernando Stern - acoustic guitar, vocals
Cristian Carvacho - percussions, charango
Patricio Rojas - bass