Estonian Traditional Music Center

This is the website of Estonian Traditional Music Center. The non-profit organisation Estonian Traditional Music Center is an open and innovative non-government organisation which supports and organises traditional music hobby education and promotes live traditional music performances across the country. Estonian Traditional Music Centre is located in Viljandi in a contemporary cultural centre where concerts, performances, training sessions, seminars, etc. are organised all year round. 

The cellar hall of the centre houses a Traditional Music Library which holds a collection of sound recordings and an information centre. August Pulst School which focuses on teaching and introducing traditional music through live examples aka organises training sessions and courses is also located in the centre. NGO Estonian Traditional Center organises one of the biggest music festivals in the Baltics – Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

The theatre-style hall has 303 seats on the ground floor and 104 on the balcony. Our convenient chair removal system makes it easy to change the layout according to the client's wishes and to turn it into a dance hall for 500 people, dining hall for 150 people or classroom-style seminar hall for 90 people.

We can hold conferences with catering for up to 200 people. The Grand Hall functions as the conference hall and the catering is served in the Chamber Hall, Fireplace Hall and Glass Hall. Photos of the catering spaces are available here. Performers have access to three wardrobes which can be seen here.

Please contact the Traditional Music Center administrator for hiring the venue for larger conferences.

The Grand Hall is equipped with modern presentation, sound and lighting technology. There is a digital interpretation system in the Grand Hall which enables simultaneous interpretation into four languages.


Technical specifications of the Grand Hall:

  • Floor dimensions: 15.52 x 13.04m
  • Stage dimensions: depth 5 m, width 14 m, height 1m. Five-tier system can be installed on the stage.
  • Hall floor: level floor with a convenient chair removal system
  • Balcony floor: raked seating, chairs cannot be removed.
  • Screen dimensions: 5 x 6m
  • Data projector: Sanyo PLC-XP100L (6500 ANSI lumens)
  • Echo can be controlled by the acoustic curtains located in the wall cupboards
  • Digital interpretation system for 350 users
  • Grand piano Estonia
  • PA system (10 x Martin W8LM, 2 x Martin W8MO, 4 x Martin AQ5, 5 x Crest Audio CC4000, 1 x Crest Audio CC1800)

For additional information please contact our administrator.

See pictures and a variety of solutions to the hall plans - with aisle / without aisle

Reservation and additional information:

Silja Liivamägi
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+372 43 42072, +372 5567 4992

The cosy hall which fits up to 80 people can be used for seminars, workshops, intimate concerts, birthdays and as a catering venue for larger conferences.

As the hall was designed as an acoustic concert hall, presentations can be held without any sound amplification. The performers can use two wardrobes which can be seen here.


Technical specifications of the Chamber Hall:

  • Floor dimensions: 10.44 x 10.36m
  • Hall floor: level floor with removable chairs
  • There is no stage but it can be built of podiums
  • Screen dimensions 2 x 2.20m
  • Data projector: Sanyo PLC-XU88 (3000 ANSI lumens)
  • Echo can be controlled by acoustic curtains
  • Upright piano Estonia

See floor plan and pictures

Additional information and reservations:

Silja Liivamägi
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+372 43 42072,+372  5567 4992