Estonian Traditional Music Center

This is the website of Estonian Traditional Music Center. The non-profit organisation Estonian Traditional Music Center is an open and innovative non-government organisation which supports and organises traditional music hobby education and promotes live traditional music performances across the country. Estonian Traditional Music Centre is located in Viljandi in a contemporary cultural centre where concerts, performances, training sessions, seminars, etc. are organised all year round. 

The cellar hall of the centre houses a Traditional Music Library which holds a collection of sound recordings and an information centre. August Pulst School which focuses on teaching and introducing traditional music through live examples aka organises training sessions and courses is also located in the centre. NGO Estonian Traditional Center organises one of the biggest music festivals in the Baltics – Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

Tsüklist "Seitseteist eesti pulmalaulu"/ From "Seventeen Estonian Wedding Songs"

1. Sööge langud!/ Eat, My In-laws!
2. Kodu nutab mõrsjat/ Home Weeps For The Bride
3. Palju veimi/ Many Gifts From The Bride
4. Kas on minia meelt mööda?/ Does Your Daughter-in-law Measure Up?
5. Mõrsja nutab kodu/ The Bride Weeps For Home 
6. Palju sõnu/ Many Words
7. Ära löö noorikut!/ Don't Hit The New Bride!

Tsüklist "Kadrilaulud"/ From "St. Catherine's Day Songs"

1. Tants/ Dance
2. Andide palumine/ Begging For Gifts
3. Tänamine, soovid ja lahkumine/ Thanking, Wishes And Leaving  

Tsüklist "Kolm eesti mängulaulu"/ From "Three Estonian Game Songs"

11. Sõrmemähkismismäng/ The Finger Bandaging Game

Tsüklist "Ingerimaa õhtud"/ From "Ingrian Evenings"

12. Röntyskä I/ Röntyshkä I 
13. Kiigelaul I/ Chastushka I
14. Kiigelaul II/ Chastushka II
15. Ringmängulaul/ Circle Game Song
16. Röntyskä III/ Röntyshkä III



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