Estonian Traditional Music Center

XV Viljandi Folk Music Festival, July 26-29, 2007

Kui mina akkan laulemaie,
Pisut sõnu pildumaie,
Laulan ma mere mäeksa,
Mere kivid killingiksa,
Mere põhja põrandaksa.
Küll on laulu, kui ma lasen,
Küll viisi, kui veeretan,
Ega ei kustu kuke haani,
Puudu ei poole päevani.
Ennem lõppegu lõhmussed,
Ennem kadakad kadugu,
Ennem vaherjad vajugu,
Kui minu eali lõpenessa,
Ega minu viisi vähenessa.

This year’s festival main theme is REGISONG (regilaul).

By its musical and metric characteristic, Estonian song regilaul can be considered a Non-Western folk song (or at least as atypical Western folk song).
Regilaul is an old Estonian folk song style, belonging to the ancient Balto-Finnic runo song (or runic song; Finnish runo ’poem’ < ’singer, seer’) tradition.
Runo song is defined by its poetic structure as a folk song, where the main features are parallelism, alliterative rhymes, specific metre and certain traditional subjects and formulas.
Presumably, runo song tradition emerged 2–2,5 000 years ago and it was carried on by oral tradition up to the 19th century, in some outlying districts up to now.
The traditional way of singing was a continuous process with turns for a leader and the chorus: one person sings a verse, the others join at the last syllables and repeat the verse,
then the leader sings again, etc. (About regilaul: Lippus 1995; Ross, Lehiste 2001; Särg 2005).

Viljandi Festival annual traditions of focusing on different instruments or other phenomena of traditional music are continued this summer through workshops
and exhibitions dealing with singing styles and their history. Most of the best Estonian musicians gather to play, and sing and play together at concerts and spontaneous jam-sessions.
It will be four days and nights where one can enjoy the best traditional music, atmosphere and the happiest bunch of people in the world!

Technical Details About Realvideo Transmissions

Transmissions are performed by Audiovisuaalne Meedia NGO with the help of CarlNet Ltd. and TU Viljandi Culture Academy. This year, too, we are planning to have simultaneous transmissions of several concerts.

In order to see the transmission your computer must have at minimum Realplayer One. It is, however, advisable to install the free-ware version of Realplayer 10. Information on adjusting the program can be found at (in Estonian, with screen-shot instructions).
Contact: Karl Õmblus

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Stages and Festival Venues

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