XIV Viljandi Folk Music Festival July 20-23, 2006 This year’s festival theme enfolds all accordion-type instruments like diatonic accordions, harmonicas, boxes, concertinas, karmoshkas etc.

The accordion was probably the most influential musical instrument in Estonian traditional music during the middle of the 19th century as it was both innovative and differentiated from other instruments used so far. First accordion was built in Germany 1822 and from there it started it’s rather scandalous victory-march all over Europe. (Igor Tõnurist)

Viljandi Festival’s traditions of focusing on different instruments each year is continued this summer through workshops and exhibitions dealing with different accordions and their history. Most of the best Estonian players gather to play together in concerts and spontaneous jam-sessions. Performers from other countries have also been chosen partly by the “accordion-criteria” in order to introduce as many different traditions as possible. It will be four days and nights where one can enjoy the best traditional music, atmosphere and happiest bunch of people in the world!

Estonian ETNO Camps

Traditional music study camps Estonian are inviting former and new music lovers!

The X Estonian ETNO begins on July 14 and concludes with Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

A first ETNO+ camp from July 14-20, for adult and more skilled musicians from the age 21.
More information about the camps: Eesti ETNO

Previous Festivals

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Stages and Festival Venues

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Technical Details About Realvideo Transmissions

Transmissions are performed by MTÜ Audiovisuaalne Meedia ASBL with the help of Matti Bürootehnika and Viljandi Culture Academy. This year, too, we are planning to have simultaneous transmissions of several concerts.

In order to see the transmission your computer must have at minimum Realplayer One. It is, however, advisable to instal the freeware version of Realplayer 10. Information on adjusting the program can be found at (in Estonian, with screenshot instructions).

Contakt: Andreas Müürsepp and Jaanus Toomsalu



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