XIII Viljandi Folk Music Festival July 28-31, 2005

The festival program this year focuses on bowed instruments.

A bow is an invention that supposedly about a thousand years ago made the sound of string instruments flowing and carrying. The bow then spread quite simultaneously from the Central Asia to China, the Java islands, North Africa, Middle East, Balkan Peninsula and Europe.

Well known in Estonia are violin, bowed harp, moldpill and bladder instrument (folkstyle bowed instruments), viola, cello, double bass, viola da gamba, viola da braccio, nyckelharpa and other bowed instruments.

Estonian ETNO Camp

Folk Music Study Camp Estonian ETNO 2005 is again inviting former and new music lovers.
The ninth Estonian ETNO begins on July 22 and concludes with Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

More information about the camp:

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Stages and Festival Venues

See also town map.

Technical Details About Realvideo Transmissions

Transmissions are performed by MTÜ Audiovisuaalne Meedia ASBL with the help of Matti Bürootehnika and Viljandi Culture Academy. This year, too, we are planning to have simultaneous transmissions of several concerts.

In order to see the transmission your computer must have at minimum Realplayer One. It is, however, advisable to instal the freeware version of Realplayer 10. Information on adjusting the program can be found at (in Estonian, with screenshot instructions).

Contakt: Andreas Müürsepp and Jaanus Toomsalu



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