In order to make the coverage of the events of Viljandi Folk Music Festival as smooth and painless as possible, we ask the representatives of media to inform us about the technical equipment needed during the festival, such as:

  • access to a computer with Internet connection (news agencies, Internet portals, as well as daily newspapers)
  • access to a phone and fax
  • access to a scanner to send the existing electronic photos (daily newspapers, Internet gates), etc. 
The press center of the festival has plenty of materials (texts, photos), in electronic form as well as on the paper. Whoever has a need for the article materials, or introductions to and/or photos of the performing bands, please let us know! The e-mail addresses of the press center are presented below.

Also, please notice that in order to get an interview one needs first to come to an agreement with the press manager or the PR manager.


We stand on the threshold of the 8th Viljandi Folk Music Festival. As the tradition goes, those who wish can record and cover the events of the festival in words as well as in picture, to make it available to those who did not care or just could not come to Viljandi.

In order to receive the entrance card to the 8th Viljandi Folk Music Festival that takes place during July 20-23, 2000, you need to:

  • send an e-mail beforehand on either of the following addresses: (Ants Johanson, the press manager) or (Andri Maimets, the PR manager), and let these persons know of your wish to receive a free entrance card
  • send or take with you to the festival your own photo. You can send the photo either electronically on the address, or via regular mail on the address: VPMF Keskus Posti 1, 71004 Viljandi.
  • pay the 300 EEK fee (in addition to access to backstage, the festival center, and the festival club, this price also includes a festival T-shirt), or the 150 EEK fee (includes all the above, except the T-shirt). You can pay the fee when you are already in Viljandi. Should it be needed, the festival team issues the deposit check for your editorial board.
The free entrance cards as well as the whole press work that concerns giving the information about the events of the festival will be handled by the persons that are accredited to this assignment:

Ants Johanson
The press manager 
GSM: +372 50 57 303

Andri Maimets
The PR manager 
GSM: +372 52 75 161

These persons are obliged to organize your meeting with the other persons who are in charge of the festival, and with the performing bands, as well as to arrange press conferences and deal with other questions that might interest you.


The history of the festival you will find here (also in doc-format).

In order for you to learn about the previous Viljandi Folk Music Festivals and the coverage of those events, we offer you a possibility to get to know most of the printed materials concerning the festivals. If your articles are not listed, we ask you to inform us about the error on the e-mail addresses given above.

Also, we suggest you to visit our contact page to get the overview of other similar festivals in the world, of the traditional music of other countries, and the latest news of world music. 

At the same time, the new Internet Forum gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the flourishing moods and emotions that surround the festival as well as with the continuous discussions. By the way, there is no need to hide your own light under a bushel!